15 EASY Ways to Protect the Wild

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We’re so glad you’re here! You’re probably a nature-lover already, and we look forward to connecting more deeply with you and bonding over our shared interest in preserving, experiencing, and cherishing the natural world.

In the big picture, trying to save nature can feel daunting and disheartening. There’s a lot working against us, but there are also tons of us who care and want to do our part! While we’d LOVE to see you become as active as you want in saving our wild places, you can start with these 15 easy ways that you can protect nature.

Take a few minutes to read the list thoroughly and really internalize it. Every single one of these points is simple and easy, but some of them may be counterintuitive and surprising.

  1. Go spend time in the wild! If you don’t, you won’t feel the draw to protect and love it.
  2. Pack in, pack out. Take everything you brought in with you when you head out, and don’t leave any litter behind. (Bonus points: take someone else’s litter out with you!)
  3. Keep it quiet. Noise pollution can affect wildlife, impacting their ability to locate food, find a mate, and live their natural lifestyles.
  4. Pick up after your dogs.
  5. Stay on the trail.
  6. Go to less popular places. This will help to reduce the influx of environmental stress on the more popular regions.
  7. Keep the exact details of the beautiful locations you discover to yourself, even though it may seem unfair. Keeping your lips zipped helps to ensure that these gems are not exploited by the masses, and gives others the magic of stumbling across them.
  8. Be extremely cautious when using fire in the wild.
  9. Watch your step. Small animals, rare plants, birds’ nests, and much more can be crushed and destroyed by an inattentive step.
  10. Drive leisurely. You’ll avoid startling and killing wildlife, plus you’ll get to enjoy the view better!
  11. Respect animals’ distance. Remember, it’s THEIR home you’re visiting, so be kind and respectful to the host. Animals are protective of their young, and some just don’t like to get too close. Pushing their boundaries is harmful not only to them, but potentially to you too; a startled or angry elk, for example, can badly hurt you.
  12. Look up natural, wildlife-safe products. Lots of chemicals, including DEET, harm wildlife.
  13. Don’t feed wildlife. We know it’s tempting, and we admire the urge to share, but feeding wild animals actually harms them.
  14. Keep your dogs on leash. The only exception is if they are absolutely, perfectly recall trained. If you can’t trust your dog to immediately stop or come upon command under any possible circumstance, don’t risk it.
  15. We all need to “go” sometimes, even when there’s no bathroom nearby. Make sure you do so very far away from any water source.

Start with these 15 things, and you’ll already be making an amazing difference in preserving our natural world. Of course, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post adding suggestions of your own, so that future readers can have even more ideas for how to take easy steps to preserve nature.

See you on the trails!


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